April 4th, 2022

Police Federation members now have a new specialist team working on their behalf. RJW Legal is part of the Metamorph Group. This new team is headed up by two of the most experienced lawyers in this sector, Tom Nutter and Paul Reddy.

RJW Legal is already building a reputation for defending rank and file officers who have been accused of a wide range of serious criminal and misconduct offences. The Police Federation has acknowledged their importance as specialist legal representatives for its members, and RJW Legal now joins the approved panel of lawyers and solicitors called upon to represent police officers.

Why is a specialist law firm needed? 

Facing accusations of misconduct or criminal offences can have devastating consequences on officer’s personal and professional life. The team at RJW Legal have the tenacity and experience to ensure police officers have specialist advice from the very outset of their case be that a misconduct or criminal allegation and have over 60 years collective experience in representing police officers.

The team at RJW Legal will also be providing top class legal services to private clients through the specialist private motoring and criminal departments.  The pro-active and personable approach of RJW Legal sets them apart.

Meet the team

Headed by Tom Nutter and Paul Reddy, the team of RJW Legal have a far-reaching reputation as specialists in highly complex police misconduct and private motoring cases.

Tom Nutter is one of the senior specialists at RJW Legal . He has over 15 years’ experience representing police officers in the most complex of cases and has represented police officers involved in the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster on behalf of the Police Federation. He regularly acts for police officers in criminal and misconduct proceedings and as “Interested Persons” in inquests. His expertise means that he has the ability to represent officers in connection with serious, duty-related cases concerning allegations of Misconduct in Public Office and Gross Negligence Manslaughter. His experience includes advising officers in the aftermath of “death or serious injury” cases such as shootings, pursuits and deaths in custody.

Paul Reddy’s background is as a specialist in motoring offences with over 15 years’ experience representing private clients including high-profile celebrities accused of motoring and criminal offences. Paul has also over the past 10 years represented officers in respect of a whole host of misconduct and criminal allegations.  He was Practice Group Leader for the Criminal and Misconduct team of a national firm for over 4 years. His wealth of experience allows him to take an unbiased view on highly complex cases, providing expert representation for private clients and police officers at all levels.

Richard Black qualified as a solicitor in 1993 and has specialised in Police misconduct allegations for over 20 years. He regularly provides national advocacy training to the Police Federation and is a trusted expert. He is consistently recognised as a ‘leading individual’ by the Legal 500 within the North West but represents clients throughout England and Wales. His no-nonsense, fearless and direct approach is expertly utilised for the benefits of his clients.

Alan Greenidge is a senior specialist in Police misconduct cases representing officers throughout the North West in relation to regulatory, disciplinary and criminal investigations and prosecutions. He is recognised for his sound tailored advice to clients and is adept at navigating clients through sensitive, complex cases.

Amanda McIntosh has over 30 years’ experience in criminal practice and specialises in representing private clients charged with motoring offences from the Police station to the Magistrates and Crown Court. She is a well-known figure throughout the North West and has a personable approach providing robust advice. She is also an accredited police station representative and provides advice to those detained at the police station or attending as volunteers for interview.

Elizabeth Morrice is a solicitor within the team, specialising in private motoring cases for over 6 years. She has been recognised in the Legal 500 as being a ‘key lawyer’. She provides clear, bespoke advice to clients and her proactive approach to cases ensures her clients are in the very best position from the outset of their case. Elizabeth is also experienced in advising police officers in respect of serious criminal allegations on and off duty including, misconduct in public office, perverting the course of justice and computer misuse.

The whole team advise police officers in respect of their involvement in Post Incident Procedures which can include situations such as, fatal pursuits, shootings, serious injuries and deaths in custody.

From internal investigations through to criminal prosecutions, involvement in Post Incident Procedures as well as highly sensitive cases, the team at RJW Legal are dedicated to providing all their clients, whether they are police officers or private clients, with top-quality representation and bespoke, no-nonsense advice.

A big boost to the Metamorph team

At Metamorph, we’re delighted to welcome this newest addition to our group. RJW Legal represent a new direction for the group, who have made a name providing expert legal representation in some of the most challenging cases in recent years.

Tony Stockdale, Executive Chairman of Metamorph group, sums up the feelings of the team at both Metamorph and RJW Legal: “The launch of RJW Legal is an exciting time for Metamorph”, he says. “We’re bringing together national legal experts that will strengthen our existing service, offering access to a professional and highly competent network of experts to both the police federations and our private clients. We’re very excited to see what the new team will achieve in the coming months,” he concludes.

RJW Legal can be contacted on 0800 042 0700 or by emailing enquiries@rjwlegal.com.