February 3rd, 2021

Metamorph Group Limited, the fast-growing consolidator, has announced the introduction of an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) to enable all staff to become part owners of the business. 

The Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) now owns 5% of the Metamorph Group Holding Company and every employee across the group is included in the benefit scheme.

Metamorph Group’s Executive Chairman, Tony Stockdale, said:

“We are an ABS (Alternative Business Structure), owned by a group of shareholders, as opposed to partners, which allows us to launch our Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) for the benefit of all our employees. 

This is an exciting innovation that effectively provides all our people with a financial stake in our business. We are proud that this innovative approach is leading the way in the legal sector.”

The group now consists of nine firms across England and employs over 650 staff.