October 5th, 2021

Conveyancing is a rewarding career choice that’s proving to be increasingly popular among young legal professionals. It’s a great way to get into property law, and helping people secure their dream home has to be an inspirational and rewarding way to spend your working day!

A conveyancer handles all that complex paperwork when you’re buying or selling a house. from checking the legal title to a property to organising searches, providing legal advice and arranging for contracts to be exchanged. This career choice is ideal for meticulous, methodical individuals who love a challenge and hate doing ‘the same thing every day’.

Each contract is different, and every client will have a unique set of requirements, so it’s always a challenge. To give you a bit more of an insight into the life of a conveyancer, we sat down with two of our team, Jordan Knowles and Megan Fisher, to find out why they chose conveyancing as their career path, and why they enjoy working within the group.

Jordan Knowles

Jordan Knowles has been with the team for a little over six years, and has always wanted to work in property law ever since graduating her LLB. So what does she enjoy most about the job?

Jordan: “ I love the details, like title checking and the legal research involved in a conveyancing transaction. It’s also really satisfying when dealing with clients or assisting colleagues on topics or points that you’re experienced in or have sound knowledge of. It reaffirms my job satisfaction.”

We then asked her what advice she’d give to someone looking to start a career in conveyancing.

Jordan: “Keep spreadsheets! And be sure to ask for help when or if needed. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Also, conveyancing can be very busy at times, and then have waves of quiet – this is normal. Just keep swimming.”

We wanted to know what she liked about our culture here, and she described us in one word – supportive. “Everyone is there for one another and will help one another. Everyone communicates and has a different viewpoint to add which promotes better quality advice to clients. It helps us see outside of the box.”

So would Jordan advise someone to come and work with us? “Absolutely. My main reason would be that the opportunities and room for growth in the business are brilliant. Beaumont have not only been my employer, but also my teacher through the years.”

Megan Fisher

Megan is a newer member of the conveyancing team, and has been with us for around 18 months. So what drew her to join us?

Megan: “I already knew some of the team from working with them previously, and had a great working relationship with many of my colleagues. I also relished the opportunity to deal with a wide range of different files which vary in complexity, to extend my legal knowledge.”

We asked her what she enjoyed most about the job, and she focused on the team working aspect of her role. “Working within Natalya’s team gives me the chance to really focus on customer satisfaction and expand my legal knowledge so I can deliver a better service to my clients.”

Megan has some wise words for anyone wanting to take up a career in conveyancing, too: “No day is the same, so always expect the unexpected! Conveyancing is not just the legal work but also customer care and being confident with others, which are great transferable skills in any aspect of your life.”

We asked Megan to describe our culture in a single word, and she chose ‘Rewarding’. “We have a rewarding company culture which recognises employees who go above and beyond and work hard. It’s good to feel appreciated and supported by the team.”

And finally, would she recommend working here for those looking for a career in conveyancing? “Yes, one-hundred per cent. There’s room for growth and the firm provides support and praises hard work. That recognition is really important and makes you feel like a real team member.”

Could you be joining us?

If Jordan and Megan’s words have convinced you to make conveyancing your career choice, get in touch with us today. We’re always looking for innovative, hard-working and bright legal experts, and with a booming property market, there’s never been a better time to become a full-time conveyancer. Click on our Join The Team and go to Conveyancing Careers, then fill out the online form and we’ll get back to you. We look forward to welcoming you to the team!