November 30th, 2021

A career in Conveyancing is a sure start way to gain access to a wide range of roles and opportunities within the legal sector. There are many positons in the Conveyancing sector that will require little experience when starting out. Which is what makes Conveyancing a great place for professionals to get their foot on the career ladder.

For a Conveyancer, their main  responsibility is handling the purchase of a property once an offer has been accepted. More often than not when purchasing a property, the transactions and deals are never quite as straightforward as you may think. This is where the expertise of the conveyancing team comes in.

To give you a better understanding of what day-to-day life is like working in a Conveyancing role, we spoke to Damian Coleman and Rebecca Buttle who work in our Conveyancing department and discussed their time working with us, and why they chose to take up a career in conveyancing.

Damian Coleman

Damian has been working with us since 2018  as a Residential Conveyancing Team Leader. We asked him what attracted him to working here.

Damian: “I knew former colleagues who had moved here from rival firms and they had nothing but good things to say about the place. My decision was made at interview when I saw how friendly and welcoming everybody was.”

What is it you enjoy most about the job?

“As a former legal trainer who has recently moved into a management role, I always enjoy the teaching elements of the job and seeing new employees learn new skills, gain knowledge and progress in their careers.

From a client-facing point of view, it’s always rewarding to simply do our job well and get people into their new home.”

We were interested to know how he would describe our culture here, “open” was what came to mind for Damian.

“I can honestly say I have never worked in a law firm that engenders such an inclusive, open culture where everyone feels comfortable asking questions and everyone is willing to help out colleagues, be it with a complex legal query or an I.T system issue.”

After spending a number of years working in conveyancing, we asked if Damian had any advice to give to anyone looking to start a career in this area of law. They said “ask questions!”

“Whether you’re a solicitor with 20 years’ experience or a brand-new graduate in your first ever job, everyone will inevitably come across something that they haven’t seen before or would like to double-check with a colleague for a second opinion (for proof of this, just look at the number of conveyancing online forums there are online!).

I also think it’s important to remember how important each transaction is to the client; this is never ‘just another file’, it will probably be the most important purchase they ever make. I believe this gets more important as your career progresses; you will soon become very familiar with technical terms, legal processes and the myriad of forms that need to be completed, so it’s often worthwhile reminding yourself that the client will perhaps be encountering these for the very first time. Patience, empathy and the ability to explain complex legal jargon in a user-friendly but informative way are key skills to develop.”

And finally, would Damian recommend working with us as a company? “Absolutely. As well as the reasons given above, the scale and structure of our firm means we naturally fall somewhere between the small high-street firms (where career progression can be difficult and the notorious whims of the property market hit the hardest) and the huge, factory-style conveyancing giants where automated case-management systems and offshore legal teams mean gaining any meaningful ‘legal’ experience isn’t always possible.

We offer challenging but rewarding roles, with plenty of career progression opportunities, a huge emphasis on training and personal development, and most importantly of all in a helpful, supportive environment.”

Rebecca Buttle   

Rebecca joined our team in 2021 as a Conveyancing Solicitor.

We asked Rebecca what drew her in to progress in her career with us. “The location of the office alongside the option to work from home sometimes was a standout benefit.”

What does she enjoy most about the job? “Giving Customer satisfaction and working with my colleagues. It’s always a great feeling knowing you’re assisting people with achieving their goal, especially one as big as purchasing a home.”

If Rebecca could describe our culture in one word, it would be ‘friendly’. “Since I applied for the role, the one thing that has really stood out is just how friendly everybody is – right from the top down.”

For anyone looking to start a career in Conveyancing, Rebecca would advise the importance of being prepared for a fulfilling and rewarding, but busy career! “You have to take the rough with the smooth but overall the positives more than outweigh the negatives. That feeling when you know that you’ve secured an exchange or completion for a client is unrivalled-after all a person’s home is one of their most prized and lifelong possessions.”

Would Rebecca refer someone to work with us? “Yes! The ethos of the firm is so friendly-nothing is too much trouble for anybody.”

Interested in joining the team?

We are always on the lookout for hard-working, enthusiastic and intuitive individuals to join our Conveyancing team. With the property market ever changing, the opportunity to become a part of our growing company betties now! If Damian and Rebecca’s stories have encouraged you to delve a little deeper into finding out more about a career in Conveyancing, reach out to us today by filling out the form at the bottom of the page!