September 16th, 2021

The legal profession covers a vast gambit of specialist occupations, including conveyancing. This challenging role is becoming ever more important as more people get onto the property ladder. Conveyancing may not have the glamorous image of the barrister in a high court, but it’s still a fulfilling and rewarding career path for anyone who wants to push themselves that little bit further.

So what exactly is conveyancing, and why should you think about it as a career?

Conveyancing is the transfer of property from one person to another, and all the paperwork and organisation that goes with this important process. Buying a property is the single biggest investment most people will ever make in their lives, so they need to know that the legal team supporting them throughout the process are professional, expert, and highly trained to give them the peace of mind they need.

A conveyancing transaction has two key elements – the exchange of contracts, and completion. This is usually overseen by a solicitor or licenced conveyer, who has a wide range of duties throughout the whole of the process. As well as taking instructions from the client (either the buyer or the seller), they arrange and carry out searches, take the client through the process, and help with paying costs on behalf of the client such as Stamp Duty and fees.

It takes an analytical, methodical mind to perform conveyancing accurately, which is why licensed conveyancers have to complete a rigorous training and examination process to become licensed by the industry’s regulatory body, the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC).

Why should I think about becoming a conveyancer with Metamorph?

There are four great reasons for thinking about a career as a conveyancer with Metamorph:

  • The satisfaction of helping people move into their dream home or business premises – you’ll get a real sense of achievement and the feeling of a job well done when you’re able to hand over the contracts at completion, and see the real joy on your client’s face as they start a new life in their dream home. If you work in commercial conveyancing, you’re helping small and medium sized businesses grow and succeed, which in turn benefits the local community too.
  • Working in a stable career with real chance for progression – jobs within the legal profession not only provide you with a distinguished career path, but there’s always the opportunity for professional progression through continuous personal development and training. It’s a long-term career with real prospects.
  • The chance to work within a national group – rather than working within a small and limited structure, a career with Metamorph as a conveyancer means you can with a much larger team filled with people who have a wider range of experience and expertise. That gives you the chance to cross reference cases across the group and deliver a better service to your clients. Working within a law firm structure also gives you career stability and instant access to a huge pool of legal resources – particularly useful if you encounter a tricky property law situation.
  • The employee benefit trust – 5% of our overall business turnover is divided up between employees, including members of our conveyancing team. We believe in rewarding our people for doing an excellent job, and as the business grows, our team benefits annually.

Who are Metamorph?

Metamorph is a group of legal experts and firms under one umbrella, providing over 50,000 individuals every year with instant access to a wealth of skilled legal professionals. A network of more than 15 offices and 650 locally-based staff work together to deliver outstanding service on a personal level, using an ABS or Alternative Business Structure that’s client-focused.

You can find out more about Metamorph at, or if you’d like to come and work for us, contact, or check out the roles on our website.